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Name: Maha (مهة)
Age: 17~20
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'
Nationality: Fanalis of the Dark Continent

Background: Like many other Fanalis, Maha was captured and taken from her family and home at a young age to be sold into slavery; today she has little to no recollection of what her homeland and culture are like, as she has yet to meet a single other Fanalis since. Being rambunctious and rebellious from the start, she served as a very undisciplined slave and was sold around several different masters out of fear that she could harm someone. She was convinced that, by being as unruly as possible while toughing through punishment after punishment, everyone would lose interest in her and simply let her go free.

This plan backfired when she was sold to her last owner as a preteen, an old woman who intended to use Maha for hard labor because of her strength. However, she would then spend the majority of her time tight up in the woman's cellar to be "disciplined"; on top of having shackles on her ankles and wrists, she would also have a metal choker worn so tight she would often pass out from the lack of oxygen. Maha ultimately served as an example to the woman's other slaves to show what would happen if any of them were to misbehave. Maha spent her days and nights chained, hungry, mostly naked and cold - but most importantly, burning with a hatred so strong she could ignore the stinging of the whips lashing at her back.

With her strength, simply breaking the chains would have been possible... if only she hadn't been forced to stagnate in that cellar for years, with little to replenish her energy. It wasn't slavery, it was torture. Not even the other slaves could be counted on to give her a helping hand, as they were forbidden from entering the cellar without the mistress' supervision.

When the old woman finally unchained her to make her go back to work, Maha seized her chance; despite being weak, she wrapped her hands around the woman's throat and squeezed until she stopped breathing. Maha couldn't tell whether her neck had snapped or if she suffocated. She quickly discarded her chains, grabbed some clothes and food and ran, leaving the old woman's lifeless body lying in the cellar for the other slaves to find.

Despite her intense hatred for the woman, realization and panic quickly sank in - despite everything, she had just committed an atrocity, and the guilt quickly caught up to her. She knew all those years of bearing it would mean nothing if she were just caught again, only to be executed this time. Maha then went about trying to change her appearance, and most importantly, changing her personality. After traveling, training, and meeting people, Maha managed to create a convincing persona of energy, cheer and philanthropy, doing odd jobs for money or simply to help brighten someone's day. In stark contrast to her past, she does what she can to please everyone within reason, and may come off as a bit of a doormat or a lost puppy. While she has managed to integrate a good deal of idealism into her core personality (or perhaps found it again after several years?), inside she is still bitter about her life, and scared that she'll be caught one day. A part of her believes that she deserves to be caught and executed for her crime, so she would no longer have to live with the burden of someone's death weighing down on her.

To this day, Maha has not shown her scars to anyone, and goes to great lengths to cover them up in shame.

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