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"That makes it nine times, already."

"... Huh, what?" is all Naoko can muster when Zero speaks into her ear. She had been so focused on what she was feeling, on the way he was making her feel with his fingers between her legs, that her surroundings had begun to blur and fade, but his comment is enough to nudge her back to reality.

He bears the same dull expression as always when she looks at him from over her shoulder. He barely even looks her in the eye when he answers. "That's how many times you've moaned my name now."

Naoko opens her mouth and then closes it again and she has to resist the urge to roll her eyes. "... So what?"

"What I'm saying is, it's barely been two minutes and you've already said it that many times. What do you think that says?" He looks at her more directly now, and she finds herself narrowing her eyes at him. She swears she can see a hint of a smirk somewhere in there.

"... Are you trying to boast about your... prowess?" Her eyes narrow a little more. This guy, he thinks he's so funny. "You're not exactly doing a convincing job at it." This better not be some kind of attempt at dirty talk.

Zero rolls his eyes ever so slightly as he turns his face away to look at an unfocused spot in front of them. "Not at all," he sudddenly crooks his middle finger inside her, and she gasps - he turns his face to hers again, leaning closer to her ear, while his free hand gently gropes at her breast. "But I'm curious to see how many more times you'll be saying it."

The girl bites at her lip as goosebumps raise on her skin, and despite herself she rolls her hips into his hand ever so slightly. "Y... you're not making any sense."

"We're sitting here with my fingers inside you. Tell me how much sense that makes."

Groaning, Naoko turns her head and raises a hand to grab at his hair, pulling his face into a kiss. She pulls back with a huff. "Just shut up and keep going, will you?"

The faintest smirk tugs at Zero's lips and he pulls Naoko's body closer to his, leaning his chin on her shoulder as he reaches in deeper.