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Evy ([personal profile] clysmian) wrote2013-06-07 05:24 pm

Measurements as of February '15

Front chest, arm hole to arm hole - 12"/31cm
Back, arm hole to arm hole - 12.5"/32cm
Bust - 35"/89cm
Ribs below bust - 29"/74cm
Waist - 27.5"/70cm
Hips - 39"/99cm
Arm length, shoulder to wrist - 21.5"/55cm
Upper arm circumference - 11"/29cm
Shoulder - 6"/15cm
Shoulder to shoulder - 17"/43cm
Base neck circumference - 13"/33cm
Underarm to waist - 10"/25cm
Preferred skirt length, waist to mid-thigh - 14"/36cm
Wrist circumference - 6.5"/16cm
Hand circumference - 8"/21cm
Finger circumference - 2"/6cm
Finger length (middle) - 3"/8cm
Hand length, middle finger to wrist - 8"/20cm