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Ignore him. That's the best thing she can do right now, even if it's a difficult task as he runs one hand through her hair - slowly and delicately, like a lover would - and fondles the inside of her thigh with the other. With her hands tied behind her back, she's powerless to stop him... so all she can think of is not giving him what he wants: a reaction.

"Naaaao-chan," he half-whines into her ear, "you're killing me here. I just want to talk."

Apparently, in his language, talking means rubbing a finger against a girl's crotch.

Hideo lets out a sigh when Naoko continuously refuses to acknowledge him and his ministrations. "Fine, then, I guess I'll just rehearse what I was going to say. Pretend you're the wall, okay?" A difficult thing to pretend to be when you're being felt up by a creep, Naoko thinks. "So, Nao-chan... you like Heine-chan, don't you?"

Oh, no.

"To tell you the truth, I don't get what you see in that guy! Honestly, he bores me to death... you could do so, so much better, don't you think?" He leans in to whisper those last words into her ear as his hands shift; the hand in her hair moves down to support her back, and he cups his palm against the curve of her crotch. "I mean, I'm not suggesting anything... I'm just looking out for you, is all! But maybe it's too late; everyone's seen the way he looks at you, you know? If he weren't such a little shit, then maybe the two of you would make a cute couple..." He presses the tip of his middle finger into the fabric of her panties, and Naoko has to clench her teeth to keep herself from kneeing him in the face. "Maybe."

There's a pause in his speech, which Naoko is thankful for - what she's less thankful for is the way he's varying the pressure of his finger into her folds. He slides his hand back up until he reaches the approximate top of her outer lips.

"So tell me. You haven't been together yet, have you?" Naoko has to choke back a protest as her cheeks begin flaring up. "Eh, it's easy to believe one way or the other. But you can't honestly tell me you haven't at least thought about it, right?" For (too short) a moment, he pulls his hand away. "So how do you imagine him touching you, then? Like this, maybe...?"

And his hand is back, his thumb pressing down on the general area of that sensitive nub, and Naoko has to bite down on her lip to silence herself. He rubs little circles into that spot, gaining in speed and strength and then pulls away the moment she feels herself about to let out a strained whimper.

"Or! How about this?"

With a little more force than what is necessary, he tugs the fabric of her panties aside and wastes no time in running his fingers up and down her folds. Naoko's face burns in shame; she's just barely wet, and Hideo can just barely squeeze a fingertip inside of her. He frowns and wiggles his finger around, forcing his way inside until Naoko finally lets a small cry of pain slip.

He widens his eyes in surprise at her. "We've reached her, ladies and gentlemen! Furthermore, that sound was so cute... Keeping those sounds from me - you're really cruel, you know that, Nao-chan?"

The girl feels this close to shooting him a death glare, but she knows that's just what he wants. She squeezes her eyes shut and turns her face away from him, once again biting down on her lip when he enters his middle finger in down to the knuckle.

"Like this...?"

He curls his finger, uncurls it, and curls it again in a come hither motion. Naoko feels tears prickling behind her eyes and she tries hard to fight against the temptation to arch her back, to jut her hips into his touch, to let any kind of sound slip out of her mouth (especially a name). He switches to pulling the finger out to the first knuckle, then plunging it back in again; soon he inserts his ring finger, pulling out, pushing in, pulling out again until Naoko's about ready to give up, but that's when Hideo stops and pulls his fingers out. He looks at them in thought, then carelessly wipes them on her panties.

"You're so cute, Nao-chan," he smiles at her, shifting to lean her against the wall and sit in front of her. "It's a shame you have to be so stupid. But then, I suppose that's part of your charm, isn't it!" He runs a hand through his disheveled hair and chuckles.

Naoko feels dazed and hot, and she wishes that had been the result of being in the bath for too long instead. She blinks blearily up at him when he seizes her chin and leans in.

"You know this already by now, but I'm going to win."

He presses his mouth against hers.

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