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insinuating nsfw preeeetty strongly

ATSUSHI: Oh... Yono. You free right now?
NAOKO: (Should I hang out with Nakano-san?)
ATSUSHI: Come to my cabin. Okay?
NAOKO: (His cabin again... I wonder what's up this time?)
ATSUSHI: Hey, you made it... I'm glad.
NAOKO: It's no problem. I didn't have anything else to do anyway.
ATSUSHI: Not even making friends with everyone else?
NAOKO: Er... Well, you asked for me specifically, so I didn't want to--
ATSUSHI: Relax, I'm just joshing you. Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about is...
NAOKO: (He's pausing. He seems to be having difficulty putting what he wants to say into words. For some reason, I feel a sense of anticipation welling up within me...)
ATSUSHI: You know how I said you weren't my type?
NAOKO: (... Oh.) Yeah...?
ATSUSHI: Well... I kinda changed my mind.
NAOKO: You mean...
ATSUSHI: What I'm trying to say is... I really like you, Yono.
NAOKO: Ah...!
ATSUSHI: I'm not gonna blame you if you don't feel the same way. I mean, I was kind of a jerk to you. But I'm willing to make up for it! I just... needed to get this off my chest...
NAOKO: Well, I'm glad you told me.
ATSUSHI: Yeah...?
NAOKO: I'm flattered... And I like you, too. Maybe not exactly in the same way, but... How do I put this? Maybe I could learn to reciprocate your feelings...
ATSUSHI: Oh, Yono...
NAOKO: (Suddenly, he approaches me and hugs me with a strong, firm grip.)
ATSUSHI: You just said that, but I gotta ask anyway... Stay with me tonight? I promise I'll treat you special, because that's what you are to me.
NAOKO: (... For some reason, I have a hard time saying no. I guess I'm okay with this.) ... Sure.
ATSUSHI: Yono...
NAOKO: (He pulls back just enough to touch my face.)
ATSUSHI: I'm so happy. I promise you won't regret it. I'll make sure you have a good time...
NAOKO: (... I spend a long while with Nakano-san...)

SUSUMU: ... Yoshinobu... Can we talk?
NAOKO: (Should I have a chat with Yukimura-san?)
SUSUMU: ... Come to my cabin when you can, would you? Thanks.
NAOKO: (His cabin... I wonder what's up?)
SUSUMU: ... You're here.
NAOKO: (Yukimura-san falls silent...)
SUSUMU: ... Yoshinobu.
SUSUMU: Thank you for hearing me out all those times... Thank you for spending time with me.
NAOKO: It's no problem, Yukimura-san. That's what friends are for, right?
SUSUMU: About that...
NAOKO: ...?
SUSUMU: Yoshinobu, I'm... pretty sure I like you as more than just a friend.
SUSUMU: Having you around... it feels like you've been healing me.
NAOKO: Yukimura-san...
SUSUMU: Sorry... I know you probably don't feel the same way. I just wanted to let you know.
NAOKO: It's not that... I'm glad you told me, Yukimura-san. I'm glad...
SUSUMU: ... You are?
NAOKO: ... Do you need me to stay for a while longer?
SUSUMU: ... Yes. Please.
NAOKO: (I sit down next to him. Slowly, he puts his hand on mine.)
SUSUMU: ... Thank you for everything, Yoshinobu. I feel like I can trust and love again. ... Could you allow me to love you...?
NAOKO: (... I spend a long while with Yukimura-san...)

JERRY: H-hey, Yoshinobu, can we...
NAOKO: (Should I hang out with Jerry-san?)
JERRY: Can, um, can you come to my cabin later? If that's okay...
NAOKO: (His cabin? I hope nothing's wrong.)
JERRY: Thanks for coming. Um...
NAOKO: (... This is strange, I rarely see Jerry-san so nervous. Unless this is about...)
JERRY: Y-Yoshinobu!
NAOKO: Y-yes?
JERRY: I... I, l-l-li...
NAOKO: ... You like me?
JERRY: H-how did you...
NAOKO: Um, chalk it up to a gut feeling.
JERRY: Dammit... Now I must look like an idiot...! I'm sorry-!
NAOKO: R-relax, Jerry-san. I'm not offended or anything. Quite the opposite, actually.
NAOKO: If anything, I'm glad...
JERRY: You are...?
NAOKO: Yeah. I like spending time with you.
JERRY: S-so... would you be okay with, um, going out with me...?
NAOKO: Sure.
JERRY: ... Yoshinobu...!!
NAOKO: (Suddenly, he grabs my hands.)
JERRY: Thank you... You've just made me a really happy guy.
NAOKO: Hehehe... Do you want me to stay here for a while?
JERRY: U-um... yeah, sure. Hehe...
NAOKO: (... I spend a long while with Jerry-san...)

SABUROU: Yoshinobu-chaaan! Let's talk!
NAOKO: (Should I talk with Nakajima-san?)
SABUROU: Great! Come to my cabin later!
NAOKO: (... I hope this isn't a prank again.)
SABUROU: Thank you for coming!
NAOKO: Huh, no pranks this time?
SABUROU: No way. This is serious talk. Adult to adult!
NAOKO: (We're still teenagers, but I guess...) Okay. What did you want to talk about?
SABUROU: Hehe. Yoshinobu-chan... Do you wanna go out with me?
SABUROU: Like I said, no pranks. I've fallen for you!
NAOKO: (My gut tells me he's being serious.)
SABUROU: So, what do you say? Wanna be mine? Or...
NAOKO: ... Sure, why not?
SABUROU: ...!!
NAOKO: ... Something tells me you weren't expecting that answer.
SABUROU: Not really... I mean, I think I would have been fine if you had said no. But I'm still surprised you said yes... I mean, I'm...
NAOKO: ... You may be small and kind of a brat, but you're not a kid, Nakajima-san. I know you're more mature than you let on.
SABUROU: Hey...!
NAOKO: Er, I mean that as well as I can.
SABUROU: ... I know. So... You're serious?
NAOKO: Yeah, I'm serious.
SABUROU: Yay...! If that's the case, then we should "celebrate"!
NAOKO: (... I spend a long while with Nakajima-san...)

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